Your IYC Board is pleased to announce the initiative to run a “Cruising Credit” method of FUN racing, dates now posted in the “2019 Events at a Glance” (on the back page of the Roster or on the 2019 “fridge magnet”) loosely outlined as follows:

  • White sails only, IYC member boats only, Semiahmoo Bay
  • Base rate for a similar boat with multiple adders for cruising comforts, (Cruising Credit)
  • Pursuit style format, no start line, all participants will get a pre-determined start time,
  • The boat with the highest Cruising Credit will start at 10:30 AM, all others to follow at their calculated start time with the last boat with the lowest Cruising Credit at a last calculated time (say 40 minutes later?)
  • Start in (close) proximity to a pre-set start & finish marker (any side)
  • The incorporation of pre-determined “virtual marks” along with the existing Semiahmoo Bay marks to increase the course options (these GPS locations will provided so IYC Members can pre-input them into your Chart Plotter)
  • Winner is the first boat to return in (close) proximity to the pre-set start marker (any side), skipper to record approximate finish time
  • NO PROTESTS, keep clear of each other (just like cruising)
  • Plus and minus corrections for first and last place boats after each day of racing to promote fairness
  • Possible second start based on 1:30 PM, time and weather permitting
  • Party on K Dock at Blaine at the end of the race day, weather permitting
  • GO/NO GO determined by forecast on Thursday before for wind/weather/temperature conditions so members can plan ahead

A more detailed “IYC FUN Sailing & Racing Instruction” will be distributed to the IYC Members shortly.

The 2019 Events Calendar show 16 events in four series of FUN Sailing & Racing events as follows:

  • Prizes for the winners of each series!
  • Spring FUN Races, 4 events on weekend days in March and April
  • Long Distance FUN Race to Sucia (in lieu of the Semiahmoo Regatta) last weekend in April) This is an Invitational Event with a chance for IYC members to mingle with Semiahmoo, Port Roberts and other Bay area clubs
  • Wednesday Night FUN Races, 7 events in May, June and July but does not conflict with the Solstice (Retirees) Cruise
  • Fall FUN Races, 4 events on weekend days in September and October

An initial call around to some IYC Members indicates the following ten IYC member boats plan on participating in some of the above noted events:

  • Marianne
  • Katrina Mist
  • Exeat
  • Slante
  • Iluka
  • Andiamo
  • Nootka
  • Libellule
  • Amantea
  • Red Sled

Further details on the calculation of the “Cruising Credit” will be distributed to IYC Members shortly.

Sea you on the Bay,

FUN Racing Director
Bruce Blandy

Our Events Schedule including these FUN races is available here